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August 11, 2018 | Runner Profile Series

Jesselly Lie is a 24-year old female runner, fitness consultant, and nutritionist from Medan, Sumatera Utara. Read about her impression in breaking her personal best at Gold Coast Marathon 2018 as well as several handy tips and trick to start running and keep running.

June 29, 2018 | Runner Profile Series

Maria Sari, the coordinator of Indorunners Bandung, is sharing her story about running. Read through her journey and words of encouragement for new runners.

June 24, 2018 | Runner Profile Series

Meet Henny Onggo, a 29-year old female runner from Medan, Sumatera Utara. Discover her reason to start running and read about her tips as well as motivation for new runners in this month's runner profile.

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Jesselly Lie
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